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Marine Insurance

This policy Covers loss of or damage to goods caused by fire, theft or accidental means whilst in transit by Sea, Air or Rail inclusive of losses of property whilst being transported from any road vehicle belonging to or hired by the insured. This policy covers risk from warehouse to warehouse.

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Marine Insurance Policies

Marine Insurance Prioisk Form

Ladies Insurance Protection Scheme

Policy designed exclusively for ladies,
Personal Accident + Medical Treatment and Hospitalization.

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Children Health Policy

Policy for School childrPolicy for School children covering Personal Accident and Medical Hospitalizationen covering Personal Accident and Medical Hospitalization

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Pariwar Suraksha

Package Policy and its contents including personal Accident and Hospitalization for Family.

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Trade’s Combined Policy

Package Policy specially designed for Shop and Departmental Stores.

Fidelity Insurance

An agreement whereby, for a designated sum of money, one party agrees to guarantee the loyalty and honesty of an agent, officer, or employee of an employer by promising to compensate the employer for losses incurred as a result of the disloyalty or dishonesty of such individuals.

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Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance or PA insurance is an annual policy which provided compensation in the events of injuries, disability or death cause solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events.
• Death
• Permanent Total Disablement
• Permanent Partial Disablement
• Temporary Total Disablement
• Accidental Medical Expenses

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Personal Accident Form

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Group Personal Accident Form

Group Personal Accident Proposal Form

Public Liability Insurance

This policy covers the payable compensation in connection of legal liability of the Insured on account of loss or damage to the third party property as well as third party personal injury (including death) arising out of the Business Operation of the Insured.

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Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown Insurance, for Plants and Machinery Items, which are generally used in manufacturing industry, Power Generating Equipment’s [Boiler, Turbine, Generator etc.], Power Distribution Plant [Transformer], Production Machinery etc

 Risk Cover

Breakdown, Damage by Electrical Reasons etc


Fire Insurance required as perils of fire insurance are not covered.

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Contractor All Risk Insurance

The machineries/equipment’s/plants, which are used in construction or erection or installation are insured under Contractor’s Plant & Machinery [CPM] insurance e.g. Excavator, Loader, Road Roller, Motor Grader, Bull Dozer, Concrete Mixture, Vibrator, etc.
Contractors all risks policy covers damage to any construction or refurbishment works. Cover is divided into 2 sections the first section would cover damage to the property where the works are being carried out whilst the second section will cover damage to third parties resulting from these works.
• Material Damage
Covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause (other than those specifically excluded) to contract works or construction plant, equipment and/or machinery.

• Third Party Liability
Covers Insured’s legal liability to pay damages consequent upon accidental third party bodily injury and/ or property damage,which is in direct connection with the contract works and happening on or in the immediate vicinity of the contract site.

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Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance is a comprehensive policy designed to provide insurance coverage to Electronic Equipment’s like Computers, Printers, UPS, Volt-guard, Fax Machine, Telephone System, Cameras, Television Screen, Video Deck, EPABX System etc.

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Agri / Micro Insurance

This insurance provides insurance coverage for various agricultural activities like Livestock, Poultry, Fish, Paddy, Vegetables, Fruits etc.

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Travel Medical Insurance

This policy covers medical emergency, accidents or personal liability. The financial burden in the foreign land can be too much to cope with as Medical and Emergency expenses in many European and Western countries are very expensive.

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Travel insurance policy

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Burglary / Theft Insurance

Burglary insurance provides protection against incidents of theft to your property. This policy covers losses or damages to your property and its contents in your business premise due to:

• Theft by actual, forcible and violent entry
• Theft or attempted theft by a person feloniously concealed on the said premises
• Hold-up or armed robbery.

Buglary Form

Buglary Insurance Proposal Form

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Banker’s Blanket Insurance

Banker’s Blanket Insurance

Banks and Financial Institutions recognize the risks associated with their operations and the exposures from within as well as external. It is therefore important that a risk transfer mechanism is set in place to safeguard against all the odds.

The Banker’s Blanket Cover is purposely designed for the banks and financial institutions considering their unique needs for coverage. Bankers Blanket covers various “insuring clauses” to encompass various contingencies to suit specific needs.
The following are the insuring clauses available:
• On Premises
• In Transit
• Forgery and Alteration
• Dishonesty
• Hypothecated Goods

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Cash in Safe Insurance

The Cash in Safe Insurance covers loss or damage to money whilst in transit and by theft from locked drawer, safe or strong room or by hold-up while in the premises.

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Business Insurance

The Business Insurance covers your motor vehicle against loss or damage caused by accidents and your legal liability to third party for bodily injury or property damage.

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Business Vehicle Policy

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Household Policy

With household policies you can add accidental damage cover to your buildings and contents. Household goods, furniture, furnishings, appliances, clothing, valuables, personal effects and money owned by the client or his/her family and in private use, fixtures, fittings and interior decorations for which your client or his/her family are legally responsible as occupier, visitor’s personal possessions provided they are not otherwise insured.

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Household policy form

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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance also called automotive insurance, a contract by which the insurer assumes the risk of any loss the owner or operator of a car may incur through damage to property or persons as the result of an accident. Covers motors vehicle against loss or damage caused by accidents and your legal liability to third party for bodily injury or property damage.

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Motor Cycle Policy

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Private vehicle policy

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Fire Insurance

This policy provides coverage for property of individual, corporate, industries and enterprises against loss or damage caused by Fire, Lightning and Earthquake. E.g. Strom & Flood, Landslide & Subsidence, Aircraft & Aerial Damage. This policy could be extended for risk in Riot & Strike, Malicious Damage, and Terrorism.

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Fire policy

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